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Perfect for Home Bar, Cafe, Garage, Man Cave, She Shed, Kitchen etc.
160+ Individual Sign Designs Available


FREE Postage & Packing
2nd Class Royal Mail Postage

Buy with confidence, see our returns policy below. UK Only.

Distressed designs for that "Old-Sign" look.

 Just the thing for anyone looking for a High Quality Sign to adorn their Garage, Man Cave, Bar or Office that looks great.
The Perfect Gift..

Reasons to Buy from Us:
  • Postage: FREE 2nd Class Royal Mail.
  • Speed: Fast Turnaround, usually same day dispatch.
  • Stock: UK Stock.
  • Size: 30cm x 20cm (Near A4)
  • Weight: 152 grammes per sign.
  • Age: Brand new with distressed design to look old.
  • Fixings: Holes in each corner to assist with hanging.
    (No more nails works well too!)
  • Location: Can be hung indoors or outdoors.
  • Suggested Locations: Perfect for Home Bar, Cafe, Garage, Man Cave, She Shed, Kitchen etc. we also have many Pub customers with feature walls using these signs.
  • Safety: No sharp edges.
  • Moving Parts: None.
  • Returns Policy: Buy with confidence.
    After receiving the item cancel the purchase
    within 14 days if not entirely satisfied. 
  • Returns Postage: Buyer pays postage.

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Esso Oil Drip -

Esso Oil Drip Man

Castrol GTX

Castrol GTX

British Leyland -

British Leyland


SAVE £1.99 with 2 Packs

Castrol -

2 x Castol Signs


1 x Esso + 1 x Michelin

Mini and British Leyland

1 x Mini + 1 x British Leyland

Esso LandRover -

1 x Esso Tiger + 1 x Landrover

BP and BP Spirit

1 x BP Motor Oil + 1 x BP Spirit

Esso Oil Drip Boy and Girl

1 x Esso Oil Drip Girl + 1 x Esso Oil Drip Boy


Esso Oil Drip -

Esso Oil Drip Man

Castrol GTX -

Castrol GTX

British Leyland -

British Leyland


Michelin Tyres (Bibendum)

MG Parts & Service -

MG Parts & Service

Michelin Better Way Forward -

Michelin Man

Gulf Racing Team -

Gulf Racing Team

AA -

AA Approved Garage

Esso Oil Drip Girl -

Esso Oil Drip Girl

Mini Cooper -

Mini Cooper Parts & Service

Ferrari -


BP Motor Services -

BP Motor Services

Mobil Racing Oil -

Mobil Racing Oil

Mustang -

Ford Mustang

Martini Racing -

Martini Racing Team

Esso Tiger

Esso Tiger

BP Motor Spirit -

BP Motor Spirit

Castrol Wakefield -

Castrol Wakefield

Land Rover -

Land Rover Parts & Service

Yamaha -


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Tell us what you want, we'll create a mock up and verify with you before going to print.

All Occasions Catered For...

- Mothers Day -
- Valentine's Day -
- Birthdays -
- Graduation -
- Thank You Occassions -
- Inspirational Signs -
- Humorous Signs -
- Individual Signs -


Cars / Motor

Make Your
Own Sign




Motor Oil


Alfa Romeo Servizio -

Alfa Romeo Milano Servizio

Alfa Romeo Service -

Alfa Romeo Service

British Leyland -

British Leyland


More coming soon.

AC Cobra -

More available soon.

Shelby Cobra -

Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari -


Ford Escort Story -

Ford Escort Story

Ford Mustang -

Ford Mustang

Ford Transit White -

Ford Transit White

MG Parts & Service -

MG Parts & Service

Mini Cooper -

Mini Cooper Parts & Service

Shelby Cobra -

Shelby Cobra.

VW Parts & Service -

Volkswagen Parts & Service

VW Service -

VW Service

VW Bus 20 Years -

VW Bus

VW Bulli -

More coming soon.

Audi -

More coming soon.

Aston Martin Grn -

Aston Martin

Aston Martin White -

AC Cobra (Red)

Bentley 01 -

Bentley Front

Bentley 02 -

Bentley 3/4 View

Genuine Ford Parts Used Here -

Genuine Ford Parts

Ford Escort Mexico -

Ford Escort Mexico

Ford Escort White / Red -

Ford Escort

Gulf GT40 -

Gulf GT40

Red GT40 -

London Ford GT

Ford Transit Blue -

Ford Transit Blue

Jaguar Green-


Lamborghini Gallardo -

Lamborghini Gallardo

Land Rover Union Jack -

More coming soon.

Land Rover Parts and Service -

Land Rover Parts & Service

Massey Ferguson -

More coming soon.

Range Rover Classic -

Range Rover Classic

Shelby Parts -

Shelby Genuine Parts & Accessories

VW Golf GTI -

Volkswagen Golf GTI

VW Transporter -

Volkswagen Transporter

VW Combi -

Volkswagen Combi (Red/White)

VW Combi Yellow -

More coming soon.

VW Bus Pink -

Volkswagen Combi (Pink)

VW -


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MOTORCYCLES 30cm x 20cm

Authorised BSA Motorcycles -
Indian Motorcycles -

More coming soon.

Triumph Jack Chequer -

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Engineering -
Vespa Yellow Silver -
Vespa Ti Amo -
Vespa Ciao Bella -
Aprilia Red -

More coming soon.

Aprilia -

More coming soon.

BSA Motorcycles -

More coming soon.

Get away with BSA -
BSA Motorcycles -

More coming soon.

Honda Sales Service Parts -
Honda Parts & Service -
Indian Motorcycles -

More coming soon.

Indian 1901 -
Kawasaki Motorcycles -
Kawasaki Green -
Lambretta Target -
Lambretta -
Lambretta 1959 -
Norton Parts Sales Service -

More coming soon.

Piaggio -

More coming soon.

Rizla Suzuki -
Team Suzuki -
Triumph Authorised Dealer -
Vespa Service -
Vespa Brighton -
Yamaha -

More coming soon.

Yamaha Black Slant -

More coming soon.

Norton Motorcycles -

More coming soon.

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MOTOR OIL 30cm x 20cm

BP Approved Motor Services -
Castrol GTX -
Esso Oil Drip -
Esso Tiger Police -
Elf Racing Oil -
Gulf Oil -
Gulf Racing Team -

Gulf Racing Team

Mobil Racing Oil -
Mobilgas -

More coming soon.

Shell Motorsport Lubricating Oils -
Shell Fill up from the pump  -
Shell Sure -
BP Spirit -
Castrol Wakefield Motor Oil -
Texaco Oil -
Esso Tiger in your tank -

More coming soon.

STP Oil -

More coming soon.

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GARAGE 30cm x 20cm

AA Approved Garage Services -
Bosch Thermo Elastic -

More coming soon.

Champion Spark Plugs -
Champion Spark Plugs -
Attention My Garage My Rules -

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TYRES 30cm x 20cm

Bridgestone Service -

More coming soon.

Continental -
Michelin Bike Left -
Michelin Better Way Forward -
Michelin Old Bike-

Michelin Tyre Services-

Michelin Tyre Services -

More coming soon.

Bridgestone Tyres -
Dunlop Motor Tyres Union Jack -

More coming soon.

Goodyear Rubber Tyres -

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HOUSEHOLD / MISC. 30cm x 20cm

Apple -

More coming soon.

Bovril -

More coming soon.

Brasso Liquid Metal Polish -
Peaky Blinders -
Fresh Milk
The African Queen -
Lyons Tea -

More coming soon.

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 MUSIC 30cm x 20cm

Elvis Florida -
Elvis White Suit -
Elvis One Night Only -
Lyons Tea -

More coming soon.

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 AIRCRAFT 30cm x 20cm

Corsair -
Lyons Tea -

More coming soon.

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I Know I Swear A Lot -
Lyons Tea -

More coming soon.


Create your own design and submit it to
We'll do a mock up and give you a price for a Metal Sign version.

Steam Pink Eye
Steam Punk
21st Birthday

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 BEER / SPIRITS 30cm x 20cm

Fosters Ice Cold -
Malibu -
Martini Racing -
Tennents Lager -
Good Beer Good Friends -
Ice Cold Beer -
Beer O'Clock-
The Old Crown Pub -
The Pig & Whistle Pub -
Peaky Blinders Whisky -
Peaky Blinders Whisky -
Guiness is good for you
My Goodness My Guinness -
Guinness for Strength -
Guinness Whale -
A Guinness a day -
Lovely day for a Guinness -
Nothing like a Guinness -
Bulmers Cider -
Sol -
Strongbow Dark Fruit -
No Working During Drinking Hoours -

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 SOFT DRINKS 30cm x 20cm

Coke Fairy -

More coming soon.

6 Coca Cola -
Pepsi Yes Please -
Perrier Water -
Coke Sold Here -

Fancy a T-SHIRT as well as a SIGN?


Buy it now... Perfect for a Pianist / Music Fan!


Representative Packaging

At Old-Signs we make every effort to ensure that your sign orders get through to you in an undamaged state.
For most small orders we use Cardboard backed A4 sized envelopes marked "Do Not Bend".
All signs are also slipped inside a cellophane pocket for extra protection. This method has proved to be extremely reliable with only 2 damaged signs reported in over 3000+ signs delivered. We use Royal Mail 2nd Class postage.

For larger orders we use cardboard boxes which with additional bubble wrap provide for perfect protection.

You can check out our eBay feedback to see what our customers are saying about our signs, delivery and packaging.


Please note: Any trade marks or names used are purely for descriptive purposes only and do not imply any connection with the companies concerned.
These signs are made for automotive enthusiasts. None of the signs we list for sale are endorsed by any such motor manufacturer or associated industry contibutor past or present and old-signs does not portray these signs to be endorsed by any such manufacturer / associated industry. These signs are 100% Unofficial.


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